Hi, I’m Samuel Lawrentz
I design and code beautifully
simple things
Software is a great combination between
artistry and engineering
Which makes me a Frontend Engineer
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Recent Thoughts
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It was a fine day, I pulled up my phone and was mindlessly scrolling youtube. I came…
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As frontend developers, one of our main goals is to create fast and responsive user…
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React is reactive because of its reactive state variables and props. What if I told you…
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For a long time, I was against the use of modern CSS properties and tools. This was…
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Everyone loves speed - be it cars, superbikes, or websites. A good website (like this one…
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We all start small, but once our content grows, soon we'll be finding ourselves with 300…
27 Jul, 2022
So this website is built using GatsbyJS, which is super cool and super easy to get started…
15 Jul, 2022
It has been a big journey of procastination and finally I was able to achieve it - A brand…
12 Jul, 2022
In this modern world, the world where everything is digital from currency to emotions, an…
10 Jul, 2022
I like to automate things very much, so I was looking for a way to automate my Instagram…
27 Jun, 2022
Sometimes you have a list of values to choose from and you want to randomize it? It can…
19 Jun, 2022
Warning!!! Technical content ahead! This is the first post I’ve written a bit technical…
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First Job - Burning Glass
I was hired as intern during campus placements, where I worked with C, C++ after which I became a full-time SDE
Got into the Web development team
Not sure if it was my luck or destiny, I was moved to the web development that was incharge of building SPAs and dynamic web apps.
Frontend Developer - Plivo
As a Frontend Developer, I was given total freedom to implement my learnings. My job was to build performant web pages.
Covid - WFH - WTH
TBH, This year and the next year went by within a wink. All I did was sanitize my hands 3 times a day.
Became SDE - UI, Contacto
I moved into a product engineering team at Plivo called "Contacto", where I worked with awesome tech stack - Electron, React, Vue, Redux, SCSS, etc
Engineering teams are great
It's been a good year till now. Let's hope I learn more and more new things and implement and experiment those teachings in my work.
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We can be friends..
I’m the kind of person who likes to connect with new people.
Who also likes to learn new technologies.
There is lot more, try searching me on Google!
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Samuel Lawrentz
Software Development Engineer UI - Plivo

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