How I started a tech blog?


15 Jul, 2022

It has been a big journey of procastination and finally I was able to achieve it - A brand new website for me. It looks kinda cool when people are able to see your work around the globe. So the journey is as follows, Imagine you are in the year 2017

  1. Wordpress was the josh, wherever I turn I was seeing wordpress blogs. I'm not the one against wordpress, but somehow I wanted to have complete control over my website, not just the content.
  2. I started a wordpress blog back when I was in college in 2017 - Towards Infinity. I was a philosopher back then. I used to write about life and all the other things.
  3. Things were going good, then I got a job, moved into web development team, got to know about a lot of people. I posted my first tech article on a website called Efficient User - a blog maintained by my senior collegue.
  4. I instantly felt awesome to write about tech and the things I know, so after few days, I began thinking about my own domain and own blog and stuff.
  5. But they were just thoughts, they were never made into actions. Then suddenly I got the flame one day and purchased this domain - and purchased a hosting plan at Hostlinger (which I regret till now)
  6. They had this wordpress hosting - 4 year plan, which I brought with full energy.
  7. I started my tech blog officially on the year 2020. It was a basic Wordpress site loaded with big ass plugins. I felt like thanos, having the powers of the stone.
  8. I took a decision to write regularly, but hey, dedication sucks. I went dark for the next two years.
  9. Now again, I've got the flame, this time much stronger. I created this blog from scratch, taking reference and inspiration from various other blogs. I created my portfolio website.
  10. Now I want to make this blog a place where developers can learn new things and this also serves as a portfolio for my profile. You can read about incremental faster builds with Gatsby and Github Actions here.
  11. Wish me luck over the coming years - wanna see some traffic here.

If you have any suggestions or improvements or tips and tricks, please DM me or

That's it for now, thanks for reading! You can find me at @samuellawrentz on X.

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