Growing your Online Presence - 101


12 Jul, 2022

In this modern world, the world where everything is digital from currency to emotions, an online presence is very important. Previously, just owning a website/blog meant that you have a strong online presence, but now, in this age of internet, there is just more to that. Just google your name or the name of your product/company. How much relevant results pop up? How many social media profiles do you maintain? All these factors your online presence.

What is Online Presence?

On the internet, how far has your name reached? How many users can recognize your brand? For example consider Facebook, Amazon, Google, they are on the zenith of digital marketing. Almost everyone who uses the internet knows these names. That’s called Online Presence.

Things that increase your Online Presence

  • Blogging – This helps in generating content related to your product or niche. As more people read and share your content, your fingerprint on the internet grows.
  • Social Media – You know there are a lot of social media platforms out there. Make sure that you are active on at least 4 of them. I would recommend – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.
  • Search Engine Optimisation – Also known as SEO. This plays a key role in bringing organic traffic to your site. Optimize your site/blog so that Google can understand the content and bring people to you. This time you don’t spread the word, the search engines spread.
  • Analytics – This doesn’t directly impact your online presence but keeping tabs of who your visitors are and what they want can greatly benefit you.
  • Ads – More than half of the internet survives through Advertisements. Yes, they can cost you but they are worth the money.
  • Content is the king – People are attracted to what gives value to them. They don’t come to you because you sell a product. They come to you because they want it. So your content/product should be the key to all of these. Give people what they want, and your name will spread throughout.

Okay, but How?

Yes, you have only 2 hands, 2 eyes, and 1 brain and 24 hours. How can you do all these in parallel? That’s where automation comes into play. Now businesses have understood the importance of online presence and have come up with automation tools for almost every task that you can even think of. Tools like Zapier, IFTTT, Buffer, etc they take these burdens from you so that you can focus on the content.

Keep posting more content on your blog and share them across social media platforms. Keep everything in sync so that you don’t have to post on each platform separately. Also, consistency is the key, people as well as google crawlers like consistency. So whatever you do, keep it consistent.

To conclude

Online presence is not something that can be brought from a shop. It takes time to harvest. You need to be patient. There are many shortcuts, but most of them won’t work properly. They seem to look like it is working, but it won’t. Just be true and patient and consistent, you will reap the fruits later.

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