Life Skills Programming

Decision Making

Life is full of choices. Make sure you make the right one.

Everyone in this world come to an instance where they are forced to make the right decisions in life. Be it choosing your group after completing your 10th std, selecting the right school, and in the class -selecting the right friends (right girlfriends, because girls always claim to be right. #JFF), whether or not to sit in the first bench (so you can sleep well), selecting the right course and college, choosing the right answer for the MCQ’s during the semesters (most often i get them right), deciding which slot to take during practical examinations and, so, on, etc, etc. All these instances are given by God to you, in order to excel in your your decision making abilities. One day you will be facing a real challenge where you may even lose everything by selecting the wrong option. So, brace yourselves, there are lot more instances awaiting you.

For example, life’s hardest decisions occur while ordering a food in a restaurant (especially, when you are low on budget). There may be food items which seduce you to the core (you could hear voices like “Eat Me Now”), and in no less time your mouth starts to water. Beware! Don’t let your nose and tongue fool you. As a programmer, decisions are very simple, they are just If-Else and switch-case statements. The main part lies in the expression/condition part, which determines the decision, be sure to validate all your choices before you eat anything.


Here’s a script file that runs on a programmers mind on looking at the menu card:

if (food_price>budget)
  Don't even think of that food;

else if( food_price==budget and quantity==low)
  order something else;
  before ordering something else start the program from the beginning;


So, all I got to say is that create an estimate and outcomes of all the choices, decide the one which your heart tells, because mind is very busy thinking of scenarios that will probably never happen and make you choose the wrong option. Personally, I follow this methodology while answering Multiple Choice Questions in my exams, and as I told earlier most of the time I’m right. Life is full of choices, make sure you make the right one.


A small word of advice,

“You follow your heart, let your mind follow you”.


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