Rendering Components Conditionally in React

conditional rendering
ternary operator

Conditional rendering in React allows us to display different components or results based on certain conditions. A handy way to achieve this is by using the ternary operator.

The ternary operator is a one-line shortcut for the if-else statement. It checks a condition and returns a value based on whether the condition is true or false.

Here is a simple example:

const App = () => { const isUserLoggedIn = true; return ( <div> {isUserLoggedIn ? <LogoutButton /> : <LoginButton />} </div> ); };

In this example, if isUserLoggedIn is true, <LogoutButton /> is rendered, otherwise <LoginButton /> is rendered. This allows us to conditionally render components in a clean and concise way.

Remember that the condition should always return a boolean (true or false) for the ternary operator to work properly.

Mastering conditional rendering techniques such as these will allow you to create more dynamic and interactive user interfaces in React.

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