Faster Frontend Delivery - MicroFrontend Deployment Secrets

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MicroFrontend architecture divides a monolithic app into smaller, manageable parts, each with its own codebase. This makes frontend delivery faster and more efficient. Here are some secrets:

1. Decouple from the main application:

Easily manage and deploy MicroFrontends independently from the main app.

// Your main app const mainApp = express(); // Your micro frontend const microFrontend = express();

2. Use a Version Control System (VCS):

A VCS like Git helps manage different versions of your app and coordinate work between developers.

# initialize a new git repo git init

3. Leverage CI/CD pipelines:

Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment pipelines automate your deployment process, ensuring faster delivery.

# simple CI/CD pipeline jobs: build: runs-on: ubuntu-latest steps: - uses: actions/checkout@v2 - name: Build app run: npm run build

4. Component Sharing:

Using a design system or component library ensures consistency and speeds up development.

// React component export default function Button(props) { // render button }

MicroFrontend architecture accelerates frontend delivery and increases flexibility. Embrace it and enjoy the benefits!

Keep experimenting and happy coding! You can find me at @samuellawrentz on X.

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