Cross-Team Collaboration - MicroFrontend Communication Tricks

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The Micro Frontend architecture is a design approach where a front-end app is decomposed into individual, semi-independent "micro-apps" working loosely together. This approach can improve the productivity of your team but can also introduce new challenges related to cross-team communication.

Tip 1: Use Custom Events

Custom events can be used to communicate between micro frontends.

// Microfrontend 1 document.dispatchEvent(new CustomEvent('myEvent', { detail: 'data from microfrontend 1' })); // Microfrontend 2 document.addEventListener('myEvent', (e) => { console.log(e.detail); });

Tip 2: Shared State

Another approach is to use shared state, which can be implemented with libraries such as Redux or MobX.

// Shared store import { createStore } from 'redux'; const store = createStore(myReducer); // Microfrontend 1 store.dispatch({ type: 'ACTION_TYPE', payload: 'data from microfrontend 1' }); // Microfrontend 2 store.subscribe(() => { console.log(store.getState()); });

Remember, cross-team collaboration with Micro Frontends is all about setting up efficient communication channels. Happy coding!

Keep experimenting and happy coding! You can find me at @samuellawrentz on X.

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