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Hi there, glad to meet you in another post. Firstly, this is my new blog and website which I plan to maintain as my online portfolio. I got it set up recently. It is built on WordPress. It took almost 3 hours to completely set this up. I believe WordPress is a great tool for building static websites and also provides the best CMS. While I was setting things up, I found out that there is a confusion between vs in the community.

Before getting into the details, you should know there are two types of WordPress sites. One is the and the other is Firstly there is which is hosted and maintained by WordPress itself and it is easy for beginners and non-technical people. On the other hand, there is which is an opensource software that is used to build and maintain websites which gives you full control and flexibility over it.

I came to know about the differences because I maintain two websites one on each platform. The two sites that I maintain are listed below and hence I’m aware of the pros and cons of both the platforms. – – vs – Which is better? Which is cheap? Which is easy?

Following is a table that contains the feature comparison of both the platforms.
HostingDefault WordPress HostingShould be hosted separately
File accessAvailable only on select plansYou are the one in control
CSS CustomisationsAvailable only on select plansEverything is under your control
Premium themesAvailable only on select plansUnlimited themes
Connection to wordpress.comBuilt in by defaultNeeds a plugin called Jetpack
PluginsAvailable only on select plansAny plugin can be installed
EarningsWordAds – Available only on select plansCan integrate any ad Network
Technical KnowledgeNot neededLittle bit required for custom hosting and setting up
ConclusionEasy to get started, best for beginners and bloggers but the pricing is a bit high if you want to get the most out of it.Initial setup is bit hard, best for developers, businesses etc. The pricing is affordable and offers full flexibility and control over the site. vs

In conclusion, I hope this post might have cleared your doubts a little bit. Meanwhile, I would say that the cheap one would be the platform if you are able to find a hosting provider that is cheap. I’m also up for suggestions and views, the comment section is open.

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