First Job - Burning Glass
Secured a role at Burning Glass during campus placements, starting as an intern with C and C++, eventually rising to a full-time Software Development Engineer.
Web Development Transition
Fate smiled as I transitioned to the web development team, taking charge of crafting Single Page Applications and dynamic web apps.
Frontend Freedom at Plivo
Embracing the role of Frontend Developer at Plivo, I relished the autonomy to construct high-performing web pages, refining my skills along the way.
Covid Chaos, WFH Woes
The pandemic hit hard, turning 2020 and the subsequent year into a whirlwind of work-from-home days, revolving around hand sanitization rituals and adapting to the new norm.
SDE Role at Contacto
Stepped into the product engineering team at Contacto, delving into a tech stack enriched with Electron, React, Vue, Redux, SCSS, and more.
Mastering React Artistry
A year dedicated to mastering React, unraveling its intricacies, comprehending value passing, event loops, and core concepts, while also broadening my skillset.
Promoted to SDE-2
As a Senior UI engineer at Plivo, focused on exciting feature development and optimizing performance, I honed leadership skills.
Evolving into a Senior/Lead Engineer
Last year, I embraced ownership and responsibility, evolving into a better Senior/Lead Engineer. The past year brought invaluable learnings, shaping me into a more adept professional.

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